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What is SixEye?

Unifying remote management for control systems integrators.

Museums, architecture, theme parks, showrooms, exhibitions, retail — across the world, installations are controlled 24/7 by millions of sophisticated devices.

But once an installation is up and running and the integrator is no longer on site, how easy is it to make changes to content or troubleshoot a problem? What's the cost in time, money and carbon emissions to send someone to site to make important changes or simply maintain a project?

Fountains under control

Remote access is the solution but setting up secure, 2-way communication between the myriad devices involved in any single installation requires additional hardware and expertise: VPNs, firewalls, routers, opening ports, security management, remote desktop clients: a complicated path to setup and maintain for every installation over time.

What if secure remote management was as simple as connecting a device to the Internet and, regardless of the manufacturer, managing it from your own online environment?

Faders on control desk

Welcome to SixEye

SixEye provides SaaS (Software as a Service) enabling best in class remote management of professional control systems, with particular focus on the AV, lighting and entertainment environment. Secure device management features include firmware and file upload, triggering, real time status, logging and more.

SixEye realises this by:

  • offering a scalable, brandable platform that allows integrators to manage devices from multiple manufacturers as well as multiple projects in their own online portal, and
  • helping manufacturers bring their devices online securely by providing an easy to integrate software development kit (SDK).

SixEye can provide hardware accessories for a complete solution:

  • 4G Router provides connectivity using 4G/3G technology for places without a readily-available Internet connection.
  • SixEye's retrofit solution uses hardware from a partner manufacturer, allowing SixEye to be used to remotely trigger any device that supports integration, even if the device does not have the SixEye SDK integrated.



Save on travel — save time; reduce cost and carbon footprint.

Strengthen your customer relationships: your company, your own branded portal; it's easy to invite customers.

Be better equipped to offer ongoing maintenance services to your customers and gain from recurring revenues.

Manage multiple locations with ease, no matter where you are.

Contact your customers to carry out preventative maintenance, rather than needing to wait until a system has failed.

Straightforward IT requirements make remote management with SixEye easy to specify.

Efficient — the platform can deal with slow internet connections while your engineers continue to work.

No need to retrain on new systems — the SixEye platform allows actions on different devices from the same portal.

Single sign-in — no need to login to different portals & apps with different credentials.

Bring existing projects or unsupported hardware online using SixEye's retrofit solution.

Security & Privacy

Your security is our concern — we make it our business to provide best in class security.

Works over any Internet connection using industry-standard TLS. No VPN required, no ports to be opened, and no firewalls to be compromised.

Your data is yours, and your data is safe. SixEye will not share your data for commercial purposes.


All your projects in a single place; no more app hopping between different manufacturer interfaces.

Ongoing updates will provide new features without interruption.

Invite site managers, maintenance personnel and other stakeholders to a project and manage their permissions granularly.

Upload files to the portal at high speed. From the portal they will be transferred to the device over whatever connection quality is available.

Works with any Internet connection. Device communications are designed for very low bandwidth usage.

A 4G router can be supplied to provide connectivity to sites without Internet access.

Provide diagnostic information to manufacturer support teams without needing to gather data manually to send via email.

Simple to setup with less time spent understanding IT requirements for different systems and getting permissions from IT departments.

Retrofit Solution

Control any device that has an API or supports simpler forms of integration.

No scripting required — integration is achieved using intuitive visual programming.

UDP, TCP, RS232, RS485, HTTPS, JSON, Telnet, REST, OSC, Modbus, KNX over IP, and many more.

Solid state, reliable, DIN rail-mounted hardware from a SixEye partner manufacturer with a range of integration ports and best in class control logic.

How It Works

How it works diagram

Getting Connected

Using a SixEye-enabled device:

  1. Access a portal that's powered by SixEye.
  2. Connect the device to any Internet connection.
  3. Prove ownership by copying a SixEye key to the device.
Your device is now online and can be fully managed.


  • Charges are annual per managed device; basic online/offline status is always free.
  • Additional users are free.
  • Integrated manufacturers choose their cost per device.
  • The SixEye retrofit solution is very attractively priced, available in a 1, 2 or 5 year prepaid package.
  • Get in touch for pricing of your own branded portal.

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SixEye for Manufacturers

Manufacturing facility

Providing your integrators with a SixEye-based remote management solution has many benefits. The time to market will be significantly less than developing a proprietary system from scratch; we’ve done all of the hard work. It's also extremely cost effective — we can share our development costs across our customers, so you can offer your clients the best experience for negligible cost.

And we're not exclusive — you can integrate SixEye alongside other remote management solutions.

The SixEye SDK has been written from the ground up (using C++11) to be as simple to integrate as possible; we estimate your development team will have a functioning portal in around 2 days, with each feature taking no more than a couple of hours to integrate. You’re in charge of the integration; you can choose what features you want to be cloud-managed and which you don’t.

It's up to you how you want to operate commercially. Choose if you want to offer complimentary cloud services to your integrators or create recurring revenue for your business.

Usage tracking lets you see how your devices and features are really used as well as providing invaluable data to your product and support teams. And of course your data is safe and only transmitted using the latest encryption technologies.

About Us

SixEye is part of the Carallon group of companies, an independently-owned product development house specialising in innovative control systems. Its design team is the best of its kind – a group of highly motivated individuals committed to the creation and ongoing development of industry-leading products. Within that team is a wealth of experience in the field of advanced control solutions, with principal members responsible for ground-breaking entertainment lighting control consoles, architectural lighting systems and video processing technology.

The SixEye Team

Nick Archdale

Nick Archdale

Non-Executive Director

Victoria Castro

Victoria Castro

Software Developer

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Simon Hicks

Simon Hicks


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Bas Hoksbergen

Bas Hoksbergen

Business Development Manager

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Chris Hunt

Chris Hunt

Finance Director

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Bogdan Lungu

Bogdan Lungu

Front End Developer

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Richard Mead

Richard Mead


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Jack Neill

Jack Neill

Customer Support Manager

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Nicholas Piano

Nicholas Piano

Front End Developer

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Kaja Pomorska

Kaja Pomorska

Senior Software Developer

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Tom Thorne

Tom Thorne

Non-Executive Director

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Tomasz Widuch

Tomasz Widuch

Lead Developer

Jobs at SixEye

Do you want to work the way we do?

Work/life aware

Skew your day early or late; work from home when you need to.

Flexible holiday

25 days paid holiday each year and the flexibility to use public holidays when you like.


We'll match your pension contributions up to 4%.

Here's who we're looking for.

  • Location: Remote
  • Timezone: UTC +/- 3
  • Type: Permanent, part-time (60%)
  • Salary: Competitive, dependent on experience


You'll be responsible for testing new features & improvements on our web application - on the front end and directly on the API - and documenting our API. Your work will help us continue to deliver high quality software.

We can offer flexible working hours for this part-time role. You may be a UK-based employee or a remote worker from outside the UK under contract; the current SixEye team comprises both. Ideally your timezone will be UTC +/- 3 hours.

Company Overview

SixEye is an exciting startup, based in west London. SixEye is developing a multi-tenant, scalable SaaS platform that allows integrators of audio visual control systems to provide a unified remote management solution under their own brand, seamlessly combining the remote management of content and devices from multiple manufacturers. The product was launched in March 2018 and the system is now deployed in beta on live installations.

SixEye raised investment and successfully pitched for incubation support from Carallon, a pioneering company with a track record of incubating successful startups working at the forefront of live entertainment & architectural control system development. Carallon is behind the success of Brompton Technology (New Company of the Year, Elektra Awards 2016; Tech Track 100, 2018), manufacturer of industry-leading video processors, and Pharos Architectural Controls, manufacturer of multi-award winning architectural lighting control systems.

The board & management team of SixEye are experienced entrepreneurs, bringing decades of experience in product development, software design, sales & new business development.

Above all, you will be:

  • Fastidious in the testing of web applications and APIs.
  • Proactive when faced with problems.
  • Excited by the delivery of high quality software with a great user experience.

Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Working closely with the rest of the team as new features are developed to ensure they are delivered to the highest quality.
  • Guarding against regression, including building automated tests for our front end web application.
  • Testing new API endpoints, giving careful consideration to edge cases.
  • Ensuring our API documentation is up to date.

You will also:

  • Have 3+ years' experience in a comparable role.
  • Have a thorough understanding of web technologies & protocols (HTTPS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, REST, etc.).
  • Have experience of:
    • Testing RESTful APIs (knowledge of the JSON API specification would be beneficial).
    • Using browser developer tools.
    • Writing automated tests using frameworks such as Selenium.
    • Using Git for version control.
  • Have excellent technical communication skills in both verbal and written English.
  • Have excellent analytical skills, including the ability to understand and form clear arguments around complex information.
  • Be adept at time management when required to prioritise conflicting tasks.


On the front end, we're using Redux with React to implement a web client to interact with our JSON API. We're testing JavaScript with Jest. Deployment is to AWS, using S3 with CloudFront.

Our JSON API server is implemented in Ruby on Rails. We use Codeship for CI and AWS Elastic Beanstalk for continuous delivery to EC2.

Why work for us

  • We believe in collaboration to solve problems. Great ideas may come from anyone — your contribution is welcome and encouraged. If people find a better way — we do that.
  • Within the Carallon group of companies, many of the team come from a live entertainment background, which fosters a high degree of shared responsibility and effort as deadlines approach.
  • Code is reviewed; engineers review each other's code.
  • We believe in continuous professional development. An extensive library of technical resources is available, including subscriptions to online training platforms, which engineers are encouraged to make use of for technologies in or outside of their role.
  • SixEye offers a flexible working environment — there are core hours to facilitate maximum collaboration whilst allowing employees to skew their day early or late as desired. You can work remotely if you like.
  • Annual leave is flexible — you can choose to work on public holidays if you want to take them at another time, in addition to 25 days paid holiday.
  • We'll match your pension contributions up to 4%.


SixEye Limited
International House
7 High Street
Ealing Broadway
London W5 5DB
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7471 9406

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